Vegfest Bristol 2017

Vegfest Bristol 2017

Today I visited Vegfest Bristol, my second year in a row.

Such a beautiful food festival with a variety of amazing companies.

vegfest17-1     vegfest17-2

We arrived hungry as horses but at Vegfest, that doesn’t last long! Making our way into the tents we were immediately hit by an array of Sheese (Bute island foods) samples, needless to say I went on to purchase my fair share of products.

In a sea of samples I waddled through the exhibitor tents. Chocolate samples, cheese samples, various snack bar samples, ice cream samples, humous samples, sauce samples… all the samples! I was so stuffed by the time I’d gotten through the stalls I didn’t think I’d want to eat much more, until I hit the burger van. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.


That burger though! We had spicy bean burgers with garlic mayo and satay sauce – weird combo, don’t judge! I had to bust out the second stomach as I approached the Booja Booja Ice Cream van because you have to have dessert right? If you haven’t tried their products then you’re missing out. I had the Caramel Pecan Praline – my favourite! My partner had the Chocolate Salted Caramel.

vegfest17-3     vegfest17-4

A little while later after a bit of vino ( I’m actually 23 even though I am the height of a child), we went back into the tents to purchase some humous from Moist. Oh damn their humous is gooood and they have a great name. If you’re vegan and don’t like humous, are you actually vegan? Better still… are you even human?!


This is Jolian (Jo-lee-un) it’s not that hard. Anyway, he says hi.

He is my partner in crime and chief taste tester for everything that makes the Eat Petite blog. You are welcome!


I’m gonna keep this short and sweet but in a nutshell I had a bloomin’ fantastic day and I can’t wait until next year!



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