My Go-To Snacks: Grab & Go

My Go-To Snacks: Grab & Go

I wanted to share with you, my favourite grab & go snacks that I pick up at the supermarket on a regular basis. These are what I would typically take with me to work to get me through the day. All of these snacks are vegan and some are gluten-free. This list could go on and on, but I thought I’d share with you the ones I go for the most.

1. Alpro Go On

Alpro have really changed the game when it comes to their ‘Go On’ range. These products are similar to strained dairy yoghurt meaning they are thick, creamy and a great source of protein at almost 8g per serving. Each pot contains only 126 calories so I love to take these to work. They come in three flavours; passionfruit, mango and blackcurrant.

2. Nakd.

Nakd bars have been on the market for a while, nakd have released more products in their range in the form of their ‘Posh Bits’ but for convenience I prefer the bars. My favourite flavours are pecan pie, carrot cake and cherry bakewell (not pictured). Nakd bars are made from fruit, nuts and natural flavours meaning they are vegan and gluten free. Although these bars are a little high in fat they are a great healthy alternative to your standard ‘cereal bar’ equivalent.

3. Beond

Beond have a similar concept to the nakd bar, however, Beond use organic ingredients. They’re a little more pricey but I find them more fruity and they leave me feeling that little bit more satisfied. My favourite flavours are the Apple Cinnamon and the Acai Berry.

4. Graze

I’ve been ordering snacks from graze for almost a couple of years now. I started on the subscription boxes but slowly found myself ordering the sharing bags and 6 packs once I found my favourites. Graze snacks are great for portion control and theres a really good variety whether you fancy something sweet, savoury or healthy.

My favourites are the cocoa & vanilla protein flapjack (bottom left) and the smokehouse barbecue crunch (bottom right). Although I haven’t included them because I wouldn’t consider them a ‘grab & go’ snack, I also highly recommend the popcorn.

Click here to get your first, fifth & tenth graze boxes for free.


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