Shop: Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas fellow foodies!

(Too soon?)

So this ones a little different to my usual posts… I have news! Eat Petite has launched it’s first set of merchandise, we’re selling Christmas cards. Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over it’s finally time to start the Christmas shopping.

Don’t be caught giving your friends and family the same old cards you always pick up from the shops, why not support your favourite little blog (Eat Petite of course!) and purchase our Christmas cards instead.

Cards cost £2.50 for a pack of 4 + P&P.

You will receive one of each design plus 2 brown and 2 white envelopes to put them in.

All profits go towards growing this blog and creating new recipes which in turn means more eye candy and content for you guys, it’s  a win win.. right?!

So how do you buy them? See that little button that says ‘Shop’ in the top right hand corner, that will take you straight to them. Or you can just click here.

Payment is taken via Pay Pal, having problems? Contact us via Facebook.


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