Places to Eat: Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen


My partner and I recently visited Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen in picturesque Bath, a beautiful spa town. Acorn was highly recommended by vegans across the south west and since we were looking for a nice day out, we decided to visit!

Being our first visit to Bath we had to get the map out to find Acorn but it was easy to find, we stumbled upon it down a cute cobbled-stone lane just off the River Avon. Close by you can find The Green Rocket Cafe, which we didn’t get to visit since we were so full!

On arrival we were greeted by a delicious smell pumping out of the kitchen and the food did not disappoint! The only let down was that they were out of polenta and hummus, the polenta was something I really wanted to try but none the less what we did order was absolutely delicious. My favourite dishes were the chickpeas in smoked tomato sauce and the cashew puree – highly recommend!

The restaurant itself was decorated in cool tones with rustic furnishings; cosy and cool with eclectic knick-knacks and artwork dotted around the place.

What we ordered:

  • Chickpeas in a smoked tomato sauce
  • Cashew Puree with Sourdough
  • Garlic Broccoli
  • Spelt grain in an almond emulsion
  • Pistachio Pate
  • Salted Chocolate Tart
  • Extra Sourdough
  • Kiwi Smash cocktail

*Disclaimer – All opinions are my own. This is not sponsored.


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